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Eralinn's Journal

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Saturday, February 17th, 2001
4:48 pm - Hi for the third time today...
I am just so bored and I don't think anyone has even read my journal. Ladybugg might be able to make me a logo soon because she might get this program thingy. I have absolutely no idea what she is talking about, but I beleive her. There is nothing to do! Maybe I'll go to Faerieland. I haven't been there yet. A los of pets went there and loved it. I'll ask Ladybugg right now.

current mood: bored

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9:27 am - Hi, me again...
I can't beleive what Chick wants me to do!!! She wants me to get a morphing potion and turn into an Aisha. Now I'm just not so sure about that. She says we will be Aisha sisters. "Come on, Eralinn! You can sneak up on people without having them hearing your hooves in a snowball fight, and you can be small, and you have been wanting a boyfriend, and there are pretty much no male Unis in Neopia." At least that's what she said. I gotta agree about the boy part...but still...I like being a Uni!

I want over to see Utsukushii_Akachan today, and I told Chick to stop bugging me about being an Aisha, and I said that Unis could run faster, so we raced and almost broke air_faerie's lamp!

This whole Aisha business is a pain!

current mood: aggravated

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6:50 am - I got this cool new journal today!!!
I found out about it from Nisiko. Guess what? She got painted with a faerie paintbrush!!! I'm really sorry I haven't written, but Ladybugg had to take over a guild for the previous guild leader and I have been helping her out with the guild. There are a lot of nice people there!

I haven't talked to a lot of my friends lately. I have been so busy, sorry you guys!!! I am going to talk to them right now!!!

current mood: happy

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