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Home sweet home...I don't think I'll ever leave again...

Well, after everyone was done with their crying of happiness and all that, Mreta came over and we met his owner and sister. His owner was a young girl named Wevre(pronounced WEV-ER) and his sister was a blue Aisha named Bethany. They were very nice, but they had to go home, they had a lot of catching up with each other!

Then we went home, but we were not going in the right direction. I asked why. Ladybugg just told me it was a surprise. Then she told us all to close our eyes. She led us along a path and I knew we were going through a door. The door shut, and we opened our eyes. We were in our NeoHome!!! We all started running around. There was a bathroom and a kitchen, a family room, and 3 bedrooms-one for me and Chick, one for Tillery and Mielo, and one for Ladybugg! Then Ladybugg told us she had earned a lot of NeoPoints from her shop and we could go buy some furniture! Chick and I got a bed, some pretty pink pillows, a full length mirror, and a red bean bag chair. The wooden bed looked a little too green with all our pink furniture, so we put our pink pillows on the bed to make it look a little better.

Today we bought a table for the kitchen, and Ladybugg wants to get some chairs. Ladybugg also got us an Acara robot! We named it Riddle, for some reason, it was Mielo's idea and we liked it!

One bad thing though: there was an earthquake! It didn't really hit the part of Neopia we live in, thank goodness! Mostly it was the Ice Caves. I really wanted to see, but Ladybugg told me I couldn't, since I just got back from 1 adventure, she didn't want me going off on another!

Anyway, I think now a lot of things are going to change. We have a new home, a new world revealed under the Ice Caves, new furniture, and new friends. So I think there will be a lot changing from now on. Today I went to my little clearing again to think about it.

When I got there, I noticed something. The snow was almost melted, and the birds had started singing again. I even think I saw a couple fish in the stream. I can't beleive how much I missed while I was gone! Yup, this is definetely a time of changes. I sat down next to a tree and thought. And thought and thought and thought. Chick has not been bugging me about being an Aisha anymore, but I have still been thinking about maybe-just MAYBE- being one. Everthing else was changing, why not me too? Well, I am still thinking about it, and I have a feeling I will have plenty of time to think, since the morphing potions cost so much, and right now we are building our NeoHome. Also, I was thinking about putting my journal back on my old page. It was kinda fun. But I have a lot of time to think about that too, because Ladybugg hasn't made my new page yet.

Also, I'm really sorry to all my friends-I haven't been talking to you that much. I promise I will try to talk with you some more! If anyone wants to be my friend, please post a comment. Everyone please post a comment! It is getting really lonely around here.

Well, I am really glad to be home and I am going to spend the next few days having fun!
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