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I don't think I'll ever leave Ladybugg again...

A lot of stuff happened today and yesterday. Well, I'll start at the beginning.

Mreta came into our room yesterday after another horrible night of sleep. Those cots are sooooo uncomfortable. He told us he would continue our story. There wasn't much more to tell though.

What Mreta told us the 2nd time:

Well, like I said, Master captured WF so he could bring power to his team. After that, a spy was sent to Faerieland to check on Healing Springs. He found out about SP helping Eralinn find WF and had her captured at the Space Station. This was easy for Master because she was just going to bed and was not prepared. When you got here, Master knew about you and knew that he couldn't let you go, because you would tell everyone about his plan and it would be ruined. So he captured you. That's pretty much all.

Can't you do something about it? asked Chick. He smiled a sad smile and told us no, he couldn't. He had keys, but he would get in trouble if he let us go, and then we would get in trouble too. Well, we're going to die here anyway, we're almost out of food! What are we going to do? At least we'll be ok I exclaimed. He told us that sometimes they bring bags of old NeoCrackers. Eating those forever was making me sick just thinking about it. He patted my shoulder sadly and left. I had nothing else to do, I went to bed.

Today I woke up to yelling. I didn't want to open my eyes, but I heard WF and Chick gasp and forced myself to. It was Master, and he was yelling at Mreta. You've been giving information to the prisoners?!?!?! I can't beleive you, Mreta! It's time to get rid of you, once and for all. said Master, not hesitating one moment to say those horrible words. Mreta was shaking with fear.

Suddenly the Water Faerie got up. Using all the power she had, she said a magic spell. Her words I couldn't understand, but they flowed like a river, fell like a waterfall, trickled like a stream, poured like a storm. It was beautiful, and with that, Mreta was healed completely, maybe even with some extra power along with it. The Water Faerie sat back onto her cot, exhausted, for all her power was gone.

Then, I don't know how Mreta did it, he knocked out Master with one blow. Right then I saw all the courage, braveness, honesty, and strength in the world. We all watched in astonishment as if some unknown force pulled Master away from us. In about 10 seconds, he was gone. Away, to some other place. I have no idea what happened right then, maybe it was just that someone so evil couldn't take such strength, such courage. But Master was gone.

Shaking with happiness, Mreta grabbed the keys to our door and let us out. I quickly ran to a phone and called Ladybugg, telling her to come here quick. When I found out she was here, I ran to the door as fast as I could. There was a huge crowd, but in the crowd I found Ladybugg, there she was, with Tillery and Mielo too. Chick had seen her too, and we ran to her crying. She pulled us in her arms and we held on tight like we'd never let go.

Everywhere around us, Grundos were meeting up with their owners. But the best part was seeing a young girl and an Aisha, crying with tears of happiness like they'd never stop at the sight of a long-lost family member, one they had not seen in a very long time-Mreta.
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