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What Mreta told us...

Sorry I had to leave before, Chick just wanted to ask me if I had brought anything other than apples, which I hadn't. I told her not to eat anything yet either, because we are running out of food and WF can make food with her magic, but her power will run out soon and we won't have anything. Anyway...

What Mreta told us:

The Grundo master aims to take over the Space Station, and after that, Maraqua, Mystery Isle, Happy Valley, Faerieland, and all of Neopia. He is evil and strong, and he has a team of us Grundos. A funny thing about him is that no one knows his name, we have always called him 'master'.

I used to have a wonderful owner who loved me and took care of me, and so did all the other Grundos here. My owner was in a store at the Space Station when Master asked me if I would like to come to a wonderful place to learn to defend myslef, because he said I looked pretty weak. I agreed, and he took me here. Well, he lied, and I was put here with a lot of other Grundos who were also taken here the same way. We have no way to get out, because Master has some kind of high-tech security that I have no idea how it works. None of us Grundos are evil or mean, the only one who is like that is Master. All of us are very weak except for a few of us. I am one of them that is strong. He captured WF so he could use her powers to make us all stronger, because he can't take over the Space Station with a weak team of Grundos.

What he doesn't know is that WF can't really bring us power, because she was meant to heal, which is a great gift, but not bring power to pets. All us Grundos know that, but we are too scared of him to tell him, the last Grundo that did that got put into a very hot metal room for 10 days. That doesn't seem very horrible, but the metal was very hot and he came out with serious burns, and Master refused to buy healing potions.

I am the only Grundo here that can speak your language. All the other Grundos speak their native tongue, like most Grundos do. Grundos speak backwards and they are very hard to understand. My wonderful owner was the one that taught me how to talk like this.

Now Mreta was looking very sad talking about all this, and WF stopped him. "Please stop", WF told him. "You can tell us more later. You look very sad. And Master might suspect something since you were in here for so long. You're supposed to be being rude to us, remember?". He nodded sadly and walked out. Then he turned around and said thank you before he left. I saw a single tear on his cheek as he left...
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