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I am getting homesick...

Today I woke up really late because I was so tired last night, and I didn't get that much sleep. Everyone else was already awake. The Water Faerie was trying to make some pancakes with her magic, but it wasn't really working. The Space Faerie had sent us another note while I was asleep, and Chick showed it to me as soon as I was out of bed. It said:

Dear Eralinn, Chick, and WF,

Good morning. I hope you slept well.

I frowned because this was not true, but I didn't say anything, I didn't want to make our situation worse by complaining.

The nice Grundo should be here today. By the way, his name is Mreta. He is trustworthy, don't worry. I think today we should think of a way to get out of here. We will have to talk about it with Mreta.


The Water Faerie explained to me that the faeries were called my abbreviations, like she was called WF and the Space Faerie was SP. She said I could call them that if I liked.

The Water Faerie managed to make some pancakes for us, they weren't that great because it had been hard, but they tasted good and reminded me of the friends I had with me.

Then Mreta came in. "Hello! SP told me about you in here and I came to check on you, but just don't let the Grundo master know that I'm being nice to you", he said in a quiet voice. We all promised we wouldn't let the master know, we didn't like him anyway. "Can you tell us about this place?" Chick asked. He said yes and motioned for us to sit down on the floor or the cots.

Chick is talking to me now, and I have to go, I wish I could write Mreta's story, but I can't. I will write it later or maybe tommorrow.

Please post a comment if you can, I am getting very lonely and homesick, maybe that will help me. Thanks.
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