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Oh no...

Well, we thought for a while and finnally decided that it would be best if we went in without anyone seeing us, because we didn't know what would happen if someone did. We searched all around every alley and behind every shop in the Space Station and we still didn't find another entrance. So finnally we decided we would have to go through the main door and just hope no one saw us.

I went up to the door and repeated the words the Grundo had said. The door quietly slid open and we tiptoed in. It was easier for Chick because she has paws and I have loud noisy hooves. But there was a carpet inside, so after we got in the place, we didn't make any noise.

It didn't seem like there was anyone there, but I had that feeling that I was being watched, and I'm sure Chick did too. But I was too scared to turn around, we just kept going.

The room we had walked into wasn't exactly a room, it was more like a hallway. There were a lot of doors on each side. Suddenly I stopped and looked at the door beside me. I saw a tiny peice of paper slid halfway under the door. I picked it up. It was a note from the Water Faerie!

Dearest Eralinn,

I have been caught by an evil Grundo who

I had to flip over the paper because it was so small.

wants my powers to make his team stronge

That was it. I guess the Water Faerie hadn't had enough paper, and the writing was really small too. Chick looked at it.

"The last word in the note is definitely stronger"

I nodded. Then I looked around.

"Maybe there's a key somewhere. I'm sure she's in this room."

"What about the Space Faerie?"

"Maybe she's in there too. I don't know, they didn't have much paper. Now be quiet, we don't want to get caught."

It was like my words had started an alarm. As soon as I finished talking, the words rang out through the hall and in every room. Intruder, intruder, intruder, intruder. We were surrounded by Grundos. We tried to get past them, and we almost did. They were really weak, but then we saw a bigger Grundo, much bigger. He looked so strong, I didn't know what to do. Then I remembered that looks aren't everything, grabbed Chick, and tried to squeeze past him. Well, this time the looks told all. He grabbed us by the backs of our necks and dragged us down the hall. He brought us into an empty room next to the Water Faerie's room. Then he stepped out, took out a key, and shut the door. We heard him turn the lock afterwards.

I sat down on the floor and burst into tears. What would we do? The Water Faerie was in the room next to us, I knew that. Chick put an arm on my back and gave me a little hug.

"It'll be ok, Eralinn. Remember, the Water Faerie's here. She'll help us. Maybe there's a hidden door in this wall or something. She is in the room next to us, so maybe we can get to talk to her. But first let's go to bed. I'm really tired, and there's this little cot. We'll have to share it though."

Chick made me feel a little better. I wanted to start looking for the Water Faerie now, but I was really tired, so we each squeezed onto the tiny cot and fell asleep.

When we woke up yesterday morning, we were really hungry. I took an apple out of my backpack, luckily the Grundo hadn't taken that. Chick was eating an apple too. When I was done eating, I put my backpack down and got to work. I searched the whole wall for a door or something. Finnally I found a small crack in the wall.

"Chick! Look at this"

She came over and looked.

"Maybe if we both do it together, we can push it down. Do you think it's a door?"

"Yeah. See, it goes all the way around here like the shape of a door"

We stood as far back as we could, then ran to the door. We slammed into it. It hurt, but the door came open and on the other side was the Water Faerie!

"Eralinn! And you are her sister...Chick, right? I am so glad to see you!"

"What's going on? Why did they take us? We got your note, but it was too short to really mean anything"

"Sit down and I'll tell you everything I know"

Here is what the Water Faerie told us:

This place is a hideout for Grundos who want to take over the Space Station. Actually, it is the Grundo leader that wants to take over. He has a team of Grundos, but they are all extremely weak and he can't take over the Space Station alone. He needs his team to be stronger. That's why he captured me. He forced me to write that note to 'the little red Uni'. He wants me to give them power, but he doesn't understand. I don't give power to pets, I heal them. One night, one of the members of his team came back from spying at the Healing Springs. He had seen you and heard you were coming here with the Space Faerie. He captured the Space Faerie, which was an easy task, because she was sleeping. She's in the room next to mine, and we were writing notes to each other under that crack in the wall there, but we have no more paper. That's all I know.

Chick ran to get her backpack, it happened that she had paper. We wrote a note to the Space Faerie, telling her that we were here and everything. She wrote a note back. It said:

Thank you for writing. I was so worried. There has been a Grundo coming in my room, and he is the only one who can speak both our language and his native tongue(all Grundos speak backwards). He is actually very nice and not like his master. Next time he comes I will tell him to go there into your room.

We wrote a quick thank-you to the Space Faerie and decided we shouldn't waste anymore of our paper. Then we tried to figure out a way to get out of here. We thought about it for the rest of the day, and still couldn't figure out a way, so we went to bed early. There was nothing to do until that Grundo came.

I woke up this morning earlier than everyone else and started to write. The Water Faerie is waking up now, and so is Chick. So I will write again later.
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