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I am so scared!!!

A lot of stuff has happened since I wrote before, so I will tell you everything:

Well, on Wednesday I left Ladybugg a quick note and went to Healing Springs, just like I promised the Space Faerie. The other Water Faerie was there, but she was too busy helping pets to notice that I had come. I waited and waited and waited for the Space Faerie. Finnally all the other pets were gone and I went to talk to the other Water Faerie. She looked at me, and I knew she had bad news. "Yesterday, one of the pets at the Space Station came and told me the Space Faerie was gone. I'm sorry, Eralinn. The Space Faerie and the Water Faerie are very strong, I'm sure they will get out ok", she told me. My heart sank. I walked away, starting to cry a little.

I didn't go home right away, because I didn't want Ladybugg to see me like this. I took a walk in the woods to my little clearing. Nobody knows about it except me. There is a little stream that runs by and a small patch of grass that is always green. Right now it is covered in snow, but that's ok, because the snow doesn't get dirty from all the shops garbage and everything. I sat and I cried until I couldn't cry anymore, and then I did some thinking. And I decided what I would do.

When I got home, Ladybugg gave me a huge hug. "Eralinn! I was so worried about you when I saw your note!!! So I guess you're not going, huh?", she asked me. I just nodded and hugged her back. Then I went to the room I share with Chick. She was happy I was home, but didn't seem that surprised. I wonder...

When Chick left the room, I quickly put away my things and went to play some games to earn NP. I would need them.

That night, before I went to bed, I took out my little backpack and started to put stuff in it. First, I put a healing potion I had from the Water Faerie. Then I put in some food I had taken from the fridge earlier. I put the backpack on the floor and went to bed, taking out a book so I wouldn't fall asleep.

At midnight I got out of bed, glancing nervously at Chick sleeping beside me. I picked up my backpack and my purse with the NP I had earned earlier, then went downstairs. I got a piece of paper and a pencil from the cabinet and wrote Ladybugg a note. This is what it said:

I'm really really sorry, but I have to leave. The Water Faerie is gone and I know she needs me to save her. The Space Faerie thought she knew where she was, which was with some Grundos at the Space Station. I was going to leave with the Space Faerie yesterday, but she's gone now, too. I know it is my job to do something. I will be careful, please don't worry about me.


I was about to leave when I heard someone calling my name softly, I turned around. It was Chick!

"Take me with you Eralinn. Please".

"How did you know I was going?"

"I saw you getting ready. You can't go to the Space Station alone, Eralinn! Please let me come with you"

I thought for a minute, then decided I could use come company.

"Fine, but you have to leave Ladybugg a note! And the faeries don't know you, so let me do the talking, ok? And we aren't sightseeing, we're going to save the faeries. No shopping or-"

"Ok, ok, Eralinn! Shh...You'll wake up everyone else. I packed my own stuff, see?"

She wrote her own note and put it next to mine, and then we left. First we went to the shops and bought some more food and other items with the NP I had gotten from the games and some NP I guess Chick had hidden somewhere in her room. One of the shopkeepers asked us why we were out so late, but we just went into another shop, because we didn't want to deal with noisy shopkeepers.

When we finnally got to the Space Station, we were very tired, too tired to do anything. We went behind one of the buildings and fell asleep.

We woke up this morning to the sound of pets checking out the Space Station, shopkeepers from the Space market yelling, and other sounds we couldn't identify. I would have preferred sleeping later, but that was impossible with all the stuff happening around us. Chick was awake too. Sleepily I pulled an apple out of my backpack, and I saw Chick pulling some food out of hers too. Chick looked at me.

"I didn't sleep much last night. Look at all these people! We better save the faeries fast, I wanna go home"

"Stop complaining and don't talk about what we're here for. We might get in trouble"

We finished eating and picked up our stuff and started walking around. We wondered where to go first. That's when I noticed an alley behind one of the shops, except it wasn't like the other alleys. It was very small and I could see a door at the end. The door was very hard to see because it was the same as the wall. Then I saw a Grundo go up to the door and mumble some wierd words.

"Nepo os ew nac eb lufrewop"

The door slid open and the Grundo walked inside. I ran into the alleyway and, without thinking, repeated the words the Grundo had said. The door slid open, and I pulled Chick inside. Then I realized I could get hurt and ran back out. I had to think of a plan of what to do once I got in there. Chick was angry.

"What was that for? You must be crazy going into a place like that", she hissed.

"We have to plan. Then we can go in there"

We slipped into a little corner where no one could see us and started to think. After a while I pulled out my laptop and started writing. Now Chick is bugging me so I have to stop, because I am here to save the faeries, not write. But I am scared to death that some Grundo will get us...
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