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Ready for my first ever adventure...

I went to see the Water Faerie yesterday. Everything was fine until I got to Healing Springs. There were a lot of different faeries there, but I found the Water Faerie and went to talk to her. "Hi! What's going on?" I asked. She looked at me, she seemed confused! She asked me who I was! Huh? She knew me! "You know who I am! Eralinn, 'member?" I told her. She stared at me for a minute, then, without saying a word, she handed me a piece of paper that seemed to be a letter to me. I felt a sinking feeling as I read the letter. This is how it went:

Dearest Eralinn,

I am very sorry to do this. I have to leave here. I'm sure my kind Water Faerie cousin will take over for me. I hope to see you again. Please never forget the things I taught you while you were here.

Water Faerie

I looked around at all the other faeries. The Fire Faerie came over to me and asked if she could see the letter. Still in shock. I handed it to her. "She says she has to leave, but doesn't tell why", said the Fire Faerie, confused.

Just then the Space Faerie flew in from the Space Station. "I think I know where she is", she said, anxiously. "I heard some Grundos talking about her. I think they kidnapped her". I gasped at the words. She looked at me, and asked who I was. The other Water Faerie told her quickly. She nodded.

The faeries gathered in a circle and talked about something for a minute. Then the Space Faerie came to me. "Eralinn", she said. "We have been thinking. This letter probably is not real, and we think she was taken to my home, the space station. If you want, I would like to take you with me there to find her". She asked if this was ok. I nodded immediately. She told me to go pack up all my important stuff, tell my owner goodbye, and be back there at the same time tommorrow.

So now I am in my room. I have almost packed up all my stuff, and I am going to leave a note for Ladybugg tommorrow. I don't think she would let me go if I told her. I am packing up my laptop as soon as I finish this entry. I have been hoping for an adventure for a long time, but will the Water Faerie be ok? What if they hurt her? I wish I could go to the space station now. I wish I could save her!
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