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I haven't written because I kinda broke my laptop and it took Ladybugg awhile to fix it! Ooopsie!!!

Anyway, my punishment is OFFICIALY OVER, even though it's still Friday, Ladybugg let me be free!!! Well, Ladybugg found out our houses were here and we went to Pet Central. I wanted to be in Faerieland, but it costed soooo much and Ladybugg told us if we wanted lots of stuff in our house we should just be in Neopia Central. So that's where we are for now. As soon as Ladybugg came out of the NeoHome building, we all jumped on her. "I get to make my room first!" I screamed. Then we had a big argument over who would get to start, until Ladybugg said we had to wait 3 hours anyway. 3 HOURS??? Ladybugg won't let me stay up that late so we won't be able to start 'till tommorrow!!!! I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!! Now Ladybugg is out shopping for food and then she is going to the guild. She won't be back for an hour or so. She gave me 100 NP, so I think I will go and see the Water Faerie, since I haven't seen her in so long, maybe she'll help me wait for our house to be ready!

I want my NeoHome to be finished!!!!!!
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