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I have made a decision

Guilds are boring!!! Ok, Ladybugg's guild is fun and all, but ya know, helping out all the time isn't that much fun! I made another friend! She is a faerie Aisha named Fionya. I am going to check out some other pet's journals today and see if they want to be friends(that is, if I have time). Ladybugg says that maybe she will be able to make me a logo soon! YAY!!! She says it will take a while though.

I found out from Cuddily_Tuskaninny today that we are going to be able to have houses soon!!! I asked Ladybugg and she went to Pet Central and they are working on our houses! I can't wait! Maybe I will get to live next door to my friends.

Please comment on my journal!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I haven't gotten 1 comment since I started my journal! Also, if you want to be my friend, please neomail my owner, Ladybugg44.

I wanna go to see the Water Faerie!!! But I don't have time cuz of the guild. I am going to go see her as soon as I can after my punishment is over!
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