Eralinn (eralinn) wrote,

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I am so happy about one thing--Bored about another!!!

Ok, happy stuff first:

I made a friend today!!!! Her name is Cuddily_Tuskaninny and she is a Christmas painted Tuskanniny!!! I haven't really talked to her much, but she seems really nice and fun to be around!

Ok, I haven't talked to her much because I have to help with Ladybugg's guild. I thought this would be an easy job! Because I help a lot anyway, but now I have to help whenever Ladybugg goes there!!! Good thing the people are nice. I mean, her guild is cool and all, but it gets boring working there all the time!!! I am so busy and I don't have time for anything else!

Ladybugg is going off to the guild right now so I gotta go help her.
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