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...I got the computer again, Ladybugg got off.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Well Ladybugg came running looking scared."Is someone hurt???" she asked frantically. "Oh my...Who did this?!?!?!" All faces immediately turned to me, except my loyal, trusty Angelkitty, who ran into my lap, crying in her cute little way. "Eralinn", she said, looking at me with her 'You'd better confess now or else' stare. I winced. Looking at the shattered vase, I wondered how much it cost, because I would probably be paying for it. "Ok, I did it! I'm sorry, Ladybugg", I told her. At first I thought it might be ok, but then she told me to get out, telling me she would have to have some time to think of a punishment.

I decided to go to Faerieland, since I hadn't seen the Water Faerie in so long, and she could always cheer me up after something bad happened. "Why hello, Eralinn. It's good to see you again. You look a little upset. Can I do something to help?", she asked me kindly. At first I didn't want to say anything, but soon I told her everything, and I asked her how I was supposed to pay for the lamp. She just smiled and told me that I didn't know for sure that I would have to pay, because Ladybugg hadn't decided my punishment. She gave me 3 hit points and sent me on my way, and I felt better about it after that.

When I got home, Ladybugg was still in her room. I peeked in the door to say sorry, but when I saw her half crying, half asleep, I left quickly, glad she didn't see me. I hope she is all right. What if that vase was really special or something? Oh, I really hope I didn't do anything horrible...
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