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Wow...Faerieland is so beautiful!

Ladybugg agreed to let us go to Faerieland yesterday. It was so beautiful, everything was on top of a cloud, with all the towers and everything.

When we first got there, we went to Healing Springs. The water faerie is so nice! She smiled at us, and her blue eyes sparkled. "What can I do for you today?" she asked in a soft voice. All four of us looked at each other, thinking the same thing, What can you do? Finnally Tillery spoke up. "Well, can you just do whatever you can? We don't really need anything...", she said, a little cautiusly. She laughed quietly, and said some words that none of us could understand. When she said them, her voice sounded a little bit like water, flowing gently in a stream. All of a sudden, we felt tingly, but it felt good. Then I was fully healed! I was also bloated(ugh, I hate that). "Please come again! I have really enjoyed meeting you, Eralinn, Chick, Tillery, and Mielo" We wondered how she knew our names, but decided that it was probably just something faeries can do.

Then we went to her little shop, and we each bought a potion, kind of as a thank you for helping us be healed and everything.

After that we went to the petpet store. They were all so cute and cuddly! But they costed a lot of money, and anyway, I already have my Angelpuss.

Then we went to see the Poogle Races. It was fun! We were sorry we hadn't brought food to give to the poogle we had bet on, which was Poogle #2. But we cheered him on! He didn't win, but he came in second. Too bad, we lost 10 NP doing that. I don't really think I like betting, I just like watching the poogles race.

Then we went to Faerie City. Most of it isn't done yet, we peeked inside the Employment Agency and some Scorchio yelled at us to get out. After that we just wandered around, looking on the outside of the buildings instead of trying to get inside. There wasn't much there, but hopefully we will come back soon and there will be more. When it's done, it looks like it's going to be a really great place!!!

Tommorrow we are all staying in the Neolodge for 4 days, because Ladybugg is going somewhere. I will miss her, but the Neolodge is so much fun, I don't think I will be that homesick at all! Plus I will be with my brothers and sisters the whole time.
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